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Federal Résumé Services

My experience developing both my corporate and federal résumés and KSAs was excellent. The first time I applied for a position after Angela's assistance, I was hired on the spot. A couple of months later, I applied for a federal position and was hired. When I called personnel to get my score, it was 95.94. A year later I was able to update my résumé and do my own KSAs (because of what I learned from Angela). When I called personnel to retrieve my score that time, it was 98.11. Receiving a 98.11 raised my confidence.

~ SW, Washington, DC

I had applied for different positions with the federal government but I never made the certification. This was very frustrating for me since I have 10 years of work experience for the job I was applying. I just could not seem to score high enough to make the certification. In less than a half hour, Angela helped me understand how to write more effective résumés. I was able to write my KSA's more effectively in my own words just by remembering the instructions that Angela gave me.

In June, 2001, I made the certification for a federal position, scoring 96. I was interviewed and hired as a Grade 11. I have since sent out another résumé for another federal position. I made the certification and got an interview. Someone else was hired for the position but I feel confident that I will get the position that I want because Angela helped me understand, in such a short time, how to refine my old résumé into an effective résumé.

~ LW, Washington, DC

After reading an example of Angela Watkins' writings on a quality ranking factor, my first impression was this work has to be the work of a professional writer. The quality of the document was exactly what employers want to see when reviewing an applicant's ranking factors and/or résumés. Her writing is professionally structured with persuasive, compelling, and achievement-focused content. I recommend Angela's services in helping anyone put into words the work they do best.

~ Anonymous

My brainstorming sessions with Angela Watkins have been very helpful regarding preparing an application for a federal position. I have learned, very reluctantly, to "toot my own horn" when outlining my skills and abilities for various positions.

She always provides me with a fresh perspective on what I consider to be my mundane attributes. This has been very helpful to me, as it allows me to see how others view what I consider routine matters.

As a result of her assistance, I was one of ten people; out of more than 100 applicants; that scored 100 in the ranking process.

~ ZC, Gaithersburg, MD

Corporate Résumé Services

On many occasions, I have used Angela Watkins' service to build or re-vamp my résumé. Angela has the ability to draw information out to improve a résumé. One of the things I enjoy most is that she does not tell lies or embellish the résumé. She forces me to look at my accomplishments and list them. I, like most people, find it hard to "sell" myself. Angela brings an outside view and pushes to get the information that is needed and forces me to view myself like I would a prospective employee.

On a recent interview, I received great praise on how informative and well written my résumé was. That praise belongs to Angela.

~ MT, Glenn Allen, VA

By working with Angela to prepare my résumé, I have learned that I have an important position within my organization and that there is no job duty that is too small. I've learned to appreciate and to be proud of the skills I have acquired and, in some cases mastered, to realize my full potential. Also, I've learned that there is an order to a résumé (duties, accomplishments and awards). Lastly, that sometimes less is more.

~ KK, Waldorf, MD